User Guide

The labeled image below and the corresponding descriptions highlight the Flip and Twist's usability as a holding pattern computer.

  1. The base - clip it to the kneepad.
  2. Compass rose with north always on top.
  3. Twistable transparent disk. All graphics are drawn on the disk.
  4. Holding radial shows outbound heading.
  5. Inbound heading line and border line between parallel and teardrop entry.
  6. Holding pattern.
  7. Imaginary 70-deg line shows border line between parallel and direct entry.
  8. Continuation of imaginary 70-deg line shows border line between direct and teardrop entry.
  9. Teardrop entry flight path.
  10. Teardrop initial heading pointer.
  11. Parallel entry flight path.
  12. Parallel entry intercept heading.
  13. Instantly see 90-deg to selected heading. Handy for the DME arc.
  14. Hole for attaching Flip and Twist to knee pad. (A lanyard is supplied, but not shown here.)
  15. Flip hinge.

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